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About MyOnlineBakery

Dear Baker, is an online order entry, billing, costing and production management system specifically designed for the wholesale baking industry. The system has two components: REMOTE and HOST. The staff to use in orderREMOTE component is intended to be used by your customers to place orders remotely via the web and the HOST component is intended for your to maintain the site and to also manage the whole operation.

The one question that you may have in mind is whether MyOnlineBakery replaces your existing accounting software. It can and usually does. However, if you are satisfied with your current software it could be configured to complement rather than replace it. Either way will provide your customers an easy and convenient way to place and change their daily orders online and maintain their weekly recurring orders schedule. Those orders can then be posted to your accounting software or to the receivable module for payment and analysis..

I would like to personally welcome you to and invite you to view a demonstration of our product absolutely free and with no obligation to sign up. If you prefer a live demo conducted by a qualified staff member please contact us so we can schedule one. Feel free to email us by pressing the 'contact us' tab, and one of our sales representatives will gladly call you.

Best Regards,

George Keushguerian


Top Features:

  • Create create and maintain lists (databases, tables) for customers, products, routes, recurring order schedules, special price lists, and more krishna.
  • Allow customers, as well as bakery staff, to enter and change daily orders.
  • Print all required production reports.
  • Export orders from to existing accounting software such as QuickBooks, Peachtree and MAS90.
  • Import data to from software such as Z-Bake or EXCEL.

Top Features:

  • Create and maintain lists (databases, tables) for customers, products, routes, recurring order schedules, special price lists, and more.
  • Enter daily orders using order templates or recurring order schedules.
  • Enter orders based on past ones by copying them.
  • Enter orders to be shipped to a specific ship-to location or department within that location.
  • Edit, void, print or e-mail orders.
  • Enter customer payments and apply to open invoices
  • Maintain receivables print aging and statements
  • Do sales analysis reports by customer, product and route

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  • Giordano Campos
    Schripps European Bread
    The most beautiful thing about my online bakery is its simplicity. My customers love it. Call traffic & volume has reduced as a result of the customer putting in there own order instead of calling them in; which in turn gives our customer service department more time for customers and extra attention to detail.
  • Jenny Roque
    Tom Cat Bakery
    It has been a pleasure using in conjunction with our existing accounting software. It has allowed customers, whom we have enabled, to enter and change their daily orders and maintain their standing orders. The program sends us, the bakery, and an email notifying us of an order. The service has paid for itself many times. Thank you for providing such technologically advanced service to us and the baking community.
  • Amida Turan
    Calandra's Bakery, Inc
    Since we implemented in 2008, we have spent minimum amount of time doing wasteful data entry. All of our drivers input their own orders online instead of faxing or calling us to enter/ change their orders. This has resulted in tremendous savings and is very convenient for us and our drivers. We highly recommend it.
  • Hannah Lederman
    Bluepoint Bakery
    I am writing on behalf of Bluepoint Bakery to express our strong endorsement of As of July 1, 2009 we transferred from our web ordering and started using Since then we have increased our valume of online orders by 6.34%.